Sienna Miller plays disgusting ‘Secret Ingredient’ game on The Tonight Show

Jimmy Fallon loves putting his guests through the most challenging tasks on The Tonight Show and Sienna Miller just got a little taste of his crazy games… And what a taste was that!

The actress sat at a table next to Fallon and Chef Anthony Bourdain, where they were each presented with seemingly gourmet dishes, which included a secret ingredient that actually made them pretty appalling. How about a juicy fruit gum in your mozzarella sticks? Ain’t that chewy!

Bourdain, who graciously embraced every weird dish like the pro that he is, was clearly the winner of the game; but as Chandler Bing said while playing Bamboozled, “I think [they]’re all losers here!” I bet Miller is still trying to shake off that ‘parfait Sriracha’ aftertaste…

On a different note, the actress talked to Fallon about her current home, which is placed right in the middle of the woods… Well, at least the food there must be better than on The Tonight Show!


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