Hanson perform new single in view of 25th anniversary

Twenty-five years have passed since Hanson began making music but the brothers are still going strong today! To celebrate their 25th anniversary as a band, the trio from Oklahoma sat down for an interview with ABC News’ Nightline and performed their brand new single, I Was Born.

You would expect a band that’s been around for so long to be losing its touch, but not Hanson. Even though they haven’t really been in the spotlight over the last decade the way they had been during their golden ‘90s and early ‘00s era, the brothers have been far from silent.

In fact, they’ve been releasing one album after the other under their own record label, growing their fan base with every single. With lots of records, their own beer brand and infinite devoted fans, if you haven’t heard a thing about Hanson’s success, it’s only because they are keeping it ‘in the family’, the way their music deserves to be celebrated.

But that’s one big family. They’ve built up this sort of community that all bands would be proud to have; private hang-outs and acoustic sessions with the fans, sold-out gigs and parties drinking Mmmhops are only some of that community’s benefits.

And now, Hanson have released one more single, for those of us who do want to listen. It looks like I Was Born celebrates their 25-year-long career in the best way possible. Once again uplifting and personal, the track feels like a classic Hanson song, yet still new and exciting.

* Check out Hanson’s tour dates for their 25th anniversary tour on their official website and read all about their Nightline interview on ABC News.


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