Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor reunite for 16th anniversary of ‘Moulin Rouge’

It’s been 16 years since Baz Luhrmann’s classic, Moulin Rouge, hit theatres worldwide, but the film still holds a special place in true romantics’ hearts. It’s no wonder, considering the undeniable chemistry of Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman, which gave life to the movie’s already wild spirit.

So it was about time the co-stars sat down to talk about how the Moulin Rouge phenomenon came about. The two of them appeared on Variety’s Actors on Actors series to basically let us know that Moulin Rouge was just as exciting and crazy ‘backstage’ as it turned out to be on screen!

“I remember absinthe being passed out at one point and me going, ‘Is this safe?’” said Kidman, reminiscing about the partying that went on behind the scenes. What’s even more fascinating is the fact that the shooting process lasted an entire year, with the script quite often based on the actors’ own improvisations.

Well, they don’t make them like this anymore!


Jimmy Kimmel explains the Oscars ‘Best Picture mix-up’

The 89th Academy Awards ceremony was surely one that will go down in history as the weirdest of them all! From ‘killing off’ film producer Jan Chapman to initially awarding La La Land with Best Picture instead of Moonlight, this Oscars night was not short of embarrassing moments!

And when a huge error like announcing the wrong winner happens, the host is no doubt the one that should set the record straight. Only this mix-up was so strange that even a La La Land producer looked more in the know than host Jimmy Kimmel himself! And that’s only because he was gracious enough to call the Moonlight people up on stage as soon as he was informed that his film had not, in fact, won Best Picture.

Kimmel eventually got to the bottom of this – soon after Pricewaterhouse Coopers took the blame for handing the wrong envelope to Warren Beatty – and explained the whole thing on his show the following night. It’s worth watching his hilarious, but also, in a way, mortifying, description of the incident, and getting a better understanding of what happened.

“Who the hell even knows who is who from which movie and I’m standing there like an idiot feeling bad for these guys but also trying really hard not to laugh, to be honest,” said Kimmel. Continue reading “Jimmy Kimmel explains the Oscars ‘Best Picture mix-up’”

Emma Stone explains crying during handprint ceremony

Emma Stone can be pretty awkward and goofy at times, which is probably what makes us love her in the first place. Having just won the Best Actress award for her performance in La La Land both at the Golden Globes and the Sag Awards so far, the actress appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and recounted some of her very awkward moments!

Following the success of the film, both Stone and co-star Ryan Gosling were honoured by having their hand and footprints enshrined outside TCL Chinese Theater in Los Angeles, as many other Hollywood icons have done in the past. Only problem was Stone had no idea this was the actual ceremony, but rather saw this as an informal celebration, thinking their handprints would then be taken to some other – less important – place! Continue reading “Emma Stone explains crying during handprint ceremony”

Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik unveil clip for ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ soundtrack

Last month, Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik released a duet to be included in the Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack album. And now, there’s a dark, passionate and full of pain music video to go with it!

The clip for I Don’t Wanna Live Forever, shot at London’s St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel, follows Swift and Malik as they each enter a hotel room and basically start throwing and smashing things…

This sort of dramatic, gloomy but sexy, image of Tay Tay comes as a bit of a surprise, compared to the cute, goofy side of hers we’ve all been used to by now. But over these last couple of years, the singer’s definitely proved that she’s not afraid of change!

So who knows, this might be Taylor’s new thing. There were even rumours about her making a hip hop album – but that seems a bit far-fetched, even for her. Zayn Malik, on the other hand, appears to be in full sync with his new self ever since he left One Direction. Pillowtalk proves just that and so does this song.

* Fifty Shades Darker hits theatres on Valentine’s Day, while the film’s soundtrack is due for release on February 10.

Matthew McConaughey talks gaining weight and… cobras!

If one knows how to transform into someone totally different for a movie, that’s definitely Matthew McConaughey. Having previously dropped 30 pounds to play HIV-positive Ron Woodroof in Dallas Byers Club, the actor had to change his appearance once more for his role in the film Gold.

McConaughey gained 47 pounds in just six months, and even though it sounds a bit awful, he actually loved the experience. Talking to Jimmy Kimmel about it, he explained how fun it was eating pizza all the time! He basically lived by one mantra: “Any desire, you must say ‘yes’, and if you think twice about it, you must have double.” Sounds fair to me!

Apart from eating, though, McConaughey got to spend time in Thailand during filming – as if eating pizza every day wasn’t exciting already! But he’s not one of those tourists who stick to the basics. Nope; he had to get into a cobra pit just for the “the buzz” of it! And, it turns out, it really is as unsafe as it sounds.

Throwback Thursday!

If you’re feeling a little romantic today, here’s a blast from the past to go with your mood! Can’t Fight the Moonlight was the ultimate ‘00s pop anthem, mostly because it was attached to a beloved rom-com, but also because – let’s face it – it was a very good song, and still is!

Coyote Ugly’s soundtrack-theme, released in 2000, is probably LeAnn Rimes’ most successful single to date, even though the country-pop singer has been releasing new music material up until recently. Well, can’t fight the appeal of a straight-up hit.

Marion Cotillard is the queen of lip sync (after Emma Stone)

If you’ve seen La Vie en Rose, you were probably amazed by Marion Cotillard’s complete immersion in Édith Piaf’s character. But while the actress fully embodied the French singer’s personality, she wouldn’t be able to imitate her iconic voice, even if she tried.

Sharing this experience on The Graham Norton Show, Cotillard admitted that the role – which granted her an Oscar back in 2008 – was very hard to ‘shake off’ as she was deeply affected by Piaf’s character. But, as she revealed, the hardest part was lip syncing and making it look real.

“I wanted to take singing lessons even though I wouldn’t sing. But I needed to learn her technique and I wanted to learn how to position my tongue; how to position myself, the breathing and everything, because it had to be realistic,” she explained.

Then Norton decided to challenge Cotillard by having her lip sync Je Ne Regrette Rien in front of the audience. And it looks like those lessons really paid off! Watch this space; Lip Sync Battle might be next!