Chester, a series of music comebacks and everything in between


This has been one busy summer! Apparently not only for me but for the music industry as well. My last post in June seems like ages ago and that’s partly because July and especially August were literally packed with new releases and music videos – also partly because a lot can obviously happen music-wise over the course of two months. So before yet another summer season officially ends, I feel like I need to revisit the highlights of these last couple of months. Bear with me and I’m sure you’ll find you, too, missed a clip or two! Continue reading “Chester, a series of music comebacks and everything in between”

5 ways in which The Vampire Diaries finale failed to honour the show’s legacy

Watching The Vampire Diaries for the very first time seems like ages ago – probably because the show’s pilot aired back in 2009. What’s interesting is how I managed to stay hooked to a TV series following the lives of blood-thirsty vampires for all those years; me of all people! I was never really a Twilight fan and I’ve never even watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer or True Blood. But there was something about The Vampire Diaries that kept me coming back for more.

I’m not sure if it comes down to the ridiculously handsome Ian Somerhalder and his selfish, cynical and adorably dangerous Damon or to the show’s unbelievable ease of killing off characters, sometimes bringing them back to life and other times not. I don’t know if it’s the fast pace that got me hooked, or the fact that I got to love the villains more than I could ever love Stefan – I mean, Katherine and Kai sure looked like more interesting people to hang out with, don’t you think?

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Ultimately, it may have been all of those things combined. What I know for sure is that ever since I saw Damon Salvatore lying in the middle of the road pretending to get hit by a car so as to lure his next victim, I realised not all vampires have to be depressing bores like Edward Cullen and that this vampire universe was different; simply because it was smart, funny, terrifying and emotional, all at the same time.

Of course, good writing only lasts for so long – unike that whole Silas storyline that exhausted me to my very core or the Heretics who were just as boring as their leader, ‘mommie dearest’. Continue reading “5 ways in which The Vampire Diaries finale failed to honour the show’s legacy”

My 2016 in clips: a little music tribute to an otherwise-hated year


Even though 2016 is not considered to be one of the best years in the history of time (in fact it was probably one of the worst for a lot of reasons), I can safely say that it wasn’t too bad for me. It wasn’t great, either, but my 2015 surely raised the bar of awful years just a little bit higher, and 2016 simply couldn’t keep up. It might have been dull at times, but facing no serious problems was comforting, to say the least – I’ve now realised I’d choose uneventful over problematic any time.

However, I do hope that 2017 is even better, especially on a political level; although I do not see a silver lining any time soon… In any case, amidst all this chaos of war, terrorism, Donald Trump and crazy celebrity deaths, music was once again one of the few things that gave me hope. 2016 was a decent year music-wise, and so, now that we’ve welcomed its successor, it’s worth remembering some of the music gems it offered us. Continue reading “My 2016 in clips: a little music tribute to an otherwise-hated year”

5 reasons why James Corden will host the best Grammys ever

As we’ve been waiting impatiently for this somewhat grim year to come to its end, 2017 already sounds promising! The Recording Academy announced the host for its 59th Annual Grammy Awards on Tuesday, and it’s none other than our very own James Corden.

While LL Cool J has been an outstanding host for the past five years, there’s always room for new blood and exciting changes. And who better to host the Grammys than the man who regularly invites musicians to his car and drives them around town, while singing along to their hits!

So before LL Cool J officially passes the baton to another ‘cool James that the ladies love’ on February 12, here are five reasons why next year’s Grammys will probably be the best ever.

  1. we’re in for some serious laughs.

The Grammy Awards are not usually the funniest of them all, with the Academy quite often being deemed as too serious – sometimes even pretentious. But with James on board, all of this is going to change! You cannot ask a comedian to host the show and expect him to blurt out some scripted, boring lines. Nope; he will have some ironically accurate Trump-related jokes to tell and we might even get a funny sketch in the process. Beware, Queen Bey!

james-beyonce Continue reading “5 reasons why James Corden will host the best Grammys ever”

In with the new, out with the old – my 2015 in music clips

dead inside

Having said hello to a new year a few hours ago, I realised that I haven’t properly said goodbye to the previous one. And that’s probably because I feel I owe nothing to that f***in’ bastard! Excuse my language, but it’s true; 2015 was not my friend, in so many ways.

But I figured, how are we supposed to embrace the new if we’re still troubled by the old? So I am now paying my respects to 2015, which, as awful as it may have been, at least gave us some pretty solid songs! Surprisingly, it was way better than 2014 music-wise.

And that’s all I’m carrying with me as I’m taking 2016 by the hand, hoping it will be a much more fitting companion; the music, that is. So here are some of my favourite 2015 tracks which made my days shine brighter and my nights seem calmer.

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So long and goodnight 2014!

As I’m about to say goodbye to yet another year, I can’t help but acknowledge that 2014 was pretty unpredictable. So many things have happened since January, most of which were very exciting and almost unbelievable. I got to live in London, a city I love, finish my Master’s and land my first job (cheers!).


But as with every year, there are always the sad parts… And while we have the power to fix some of them, there are problems we can never get rid of, things we wish we’d done differently or harsh truths we need to accept. Sometimes people surprise you in the most inspiring way, while other times they disappoint you, shuttering the once perfect image you had of them.

I’ve always thought that everything happens for a reason and whether this attitude is superstitious or not, I’m willing to find out if accepting reality could prove beneficial for once. Either way, we have no choice but to move on from anything -or anyone- that holds us back.

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5 Reasons why I hate “New Year’s music lists”

I am not against all kinds of lists. In fact, I might enjoy Top 10 lists from time to time, depending on the content.

If I happen to discover something new in them and acknowledge the effort put behind the “grouping process”, I might actually spend a lot of my time browsing lists like “Ten Signs He’s Not Mr. Right” or “Ten New Year’s Gifts You Would Never Buy For Your Girlfriend”; it’s not that I find them genius, it’s just that some of them may turn out to be funny.

But music lists? Not really my thing. Especially the ones during Christmas involving an overview of the albums released over the past year. But what is an overview, really? Who says these are the 50 best albums of 2013? Well, if NME said it, then they must be…

For the record, I thought about making such a list myself, since everyone’s doing it and since I started feeling a little left out… For just 2 seconds… Call it peer pressure, if you will… The important thing is that I didn’t cave in.

So here’s why I hate New Year’s music lists (and this is the only “2013 list” you’ll ever get from me…):

  1. They can never ever be objective. Who says some albums are better than others and who or what defines the “music moment of the year”? Is that even a thing?
  2. It would be really pathetic to wait until the end of the year to find out which albums were supposedly “great” (always according to the publication or whoever). Unless it’s a November-December release or a band that I hate, why wouldn’t I already know about it by the end of the year?
  3. They are pretty boring… Why would I wanna read about albums that someone found fantastic instead of listening to them? If there were detailed reviews for each and every one of them during the year (and there always are), then that was my chance to actually learn something besides the title…
  4. What about all the other albums which didn’t make it to the Top 10? Are they lame? Should I be offended that my number one favourite did not make it to the finals?
  5. Why do we need to group everything at the end of the year? Top 10 movies of the year, Top 10 books of the year, Top 10 songs of the year… If the songs are already in your iPod do you really need a reminder?

I must admit, some lists are useful, like the ones that announce new releases for next year. However, I could live without them. Besides, it’s Christmas! Stop making lists and have fun!