Kelly Clarkson speaks up about Dr. Luke

Things have been really hard for Kesha lately, whose request to break her contract with Sony Music and producer Dr. Luke was denied in court last month. While the singer claims the producer raped her some years ago, Dr. Luke insists such allegations aren’t true.

Meanwhile, Lady Gaga does her best to support Kesha, and female artists like Adele and Demi Lovato have taken her side on Twitter with the hashtag #FreeKesha. Now, Kelly Clarkson seems to have some inside information on Dr. Luke, whom she worked with on her very successful singles Since U Been Gone and My Life Would Suck Without You.

While she did not openly blame the producer in terms of Kesha’s case, she made it clear that Dr. Luke was not fun to work with! Talking to Kyle and Jackie of Australia’s KIIS 1065, Clarkson said that she was “literally blackmailed” by her label into working with him.

“He’s not a good person to me. We’ve clashed… But I can’t really say anything other than that,” she said. “I wasn’t there. I don’t know specifically what happened in their situation, obviously I wasn’t in the room… But, I mean, I can remark on his character.

“Unfortunately when you have that poor character, like so many artists don’t like you, don’t like working with you, that’s not normal. Most of us… I mean I get along with everybody I work with… He’s just not a good guy for me.” Clarkson then added that Dr. Luke is “difficult to work with [and] kind of demeaning”.

Listen to the whole interview below or skip to 1:23 for the singer’s comments on Dr. Luke. And may I add, so many nice songs, such an awful person…


Demi Lovato covers Hozier and it’s perfect

I’ve never been fond of Demi Lovato’s voice or her music. However, BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge has always given artists the chance to really expand and (why not?) show off their vocal skills, through unexpected covers.

So Lovato played by the ‘lounge rules’ and covered Hozier’s Take Me To Church, a song I would have never guessed she could sing so passionately. It’s nice to see what some people can do outside their comfort (pop) zone.

You can check out more covers from BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge here

Cara Delevingne and Nat Wolff on air with Ryan Seacrest

Cara Delevingne is determined to make her way into acting and it seems the role of Margo will get her there sooner rather than later.

Paper Towns, written by The Fault in Our Stars author, John Green, promises to challenge our mystery-solving skills, with Delevingne’s character disappearing out of the blue, ultimately forcing classmate Quentin (played by Nat Wolff) to follow the clues and find her.

But right before the film hits theatres this summer, the model/actress and her co-star talked to Ryan Seacrest about auditioning, window crawling and everything remotely related to those! Well, if this is anything like The Fault In Our Stars we have a winner!

Check out the trailer for Paper Towns here:

Muse perform new track at Radio 1’s Big Weekend

Finally, a new Muse song worth listening to! The band are about to release their seventh studio album, Drones, in June, and so far, I’m not really impressed by the first signs.

But after the somewhat indifferent Psycho and the slightly annoying Dead Inside, Mercy sounds like a pretty decent track. Muse performed the new single live at BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend on Saturday.

I can’t deny that Mercy reminds me of their previous work, but at least, it does so in a good way. The track is quite spectacular, although I’m sure that the whole concert vibe has something to do with it – Muse are famous for their epic live performances and this one is no exception.

In any case, Matt Bellamy’s voice highlights the greatness of the song and all I can say is, please, let the rest of the album be like that!

Ed Sheeran talks Victoria’s Secret and the Grammys with Ryan Seacrest

Ed Sheeran is clearly the talk of the town, with the latest Grammy nominations raising his game!

The singer appeared On Air With Ryan Seacrest to discuss this achievement, along with many more interesting stories, such as the time when his dad attended Warner’s after-party while he wasn’t allowed in!

Sheeran also tried a Twinkie for the very first time -by which he seemed fairly unimpressed- and got the chance to share his Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show ‘hobbit’ experience!

But the best part was obviously the acoustic performance of the lovely ballad Thinking Out Loud, off his super-successful X album. This voice and those lyrics… simply a magical combination.

Kasabian cover Iggy Azalea’s ‘Fancy’ -plus, more BBC covers

Kasabian covered Iggy Azalea’s Fancy (to be fair, this track is so cool only thanks to Charli XCX) turning it into a less pop, much slower, but still awesome song.

5 Seconds of Summer also visited BBC Radio 1 to cover Blink 182’s I Miss You. Of course, the Live Lounge has witnessed many more great covers through the years. Which ones did you love the most?

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Gerard Way reveals debut solo track

My Chemical Romance’s members have gone their separate ways for over a year and we’ve been anticipating for frontman Gerard Way’s solo material for awhile now. The lead single out of his upcoming solo album is finally out and it seems exciting!

Action Cat has this MCR vibe going on, with Gerard showing off his ever incredible voice and the music sounding awesome, as we had hoped it would. It’s rare for a singer coming out of a successful band to make his own way into the music scene. For Way, though, the future surely looks auspicious.

Seriously, I can’t help but love this guy. He puts so much energy into everything he does, from music, to comics and art. His new venture gives us one more reason to cherish My Chemical Romance, but also let them go, because something even better might be written in the stars!

My only objection with this song would have to be the fact that at certain points the music seems to overshadow Way’s vocals… And while the instruments sound really impressive (who knew Gerard can also play the guitar?) I personally would like to hear more of his beautiful voice and maybe a little less of the music. In any case, I loved the song.

* Tomorrow, Thursday 12th, Gerard Way will give an interview to Zane Lowe for BBC Radio 1, at 19:00 (BST). Stay tuned!