5 ways in which The Vampire Diaries finale failed to honour the show’s legacy

Watching The Vampire Diaries for the very first time seems like ages ago – probably because the show’s pilot aired back in 2009. What’s interesting is how I managed to stay hooked to a TV series following the lives of blood-thirsty vampires for all those years; me of all people! I was never really a Twilight fan and I’ve never even watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer or True Blood. But there was something about The Vampire Diaries that kept me coming back for more.

I’m not sure if it comes down to the ridiculously handsome Ian Somerhalder and his selfish, cynical and adorably dangerous Damon or to the show’s unbelievable ease of killing off characters, sometimes bringing them back to life and other times not. I don’t know if it’s the fast pace that got me hooked, or the fact that I got to love the villains more than I could ever love Stefan – I mean, Katherine and Kai sure looked like more interesting people to hang out with, don’t you think?

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Ultimately, it may have been all those things combined. What I know for sure is that ever since I saw Damon Salvatore lying in the middle of the road pretending to get hit by a car so as to lure his next victim, I realised not all vampires have to be depressing bores like Edward Cullen and that this vampire universe was different; simply because it was smart, funny, terrifying and emotional, all at the same time.

Of course, good writing only lasts for so long – unike that whole Silas storyline that exhausted me to my very core or the Heretics who were just as boring as their leader, ‘mommie dearest’. Continue reading “5 ways in which The Vampire Diaries finale failed to honour the show’s legacy”


Revisiting MCR’s ‘The Black Parade’

the-black-paradeNo matter how hard we try to resurrect our favourite split-up bands, sometimes we just have to accept the truth and let the once bandmates follow their solo paths. If you were among those who got a little bit confused and – only temporarily – excited by watching the following clip, then you’ll know what I’m talking about.

My Chemical Romance called it quits in 2013, but just a few of months ago, the band made every last breathing emo kid in the world lose it, by teasing this cryptic trailer:

Whether you’re MCRmy members yourselves – aka MCR’s fanbase – or just fans of the band’s 2006 The Black Parade album, you should have heard by now that the date “9/23/16” at the end of the clip does not mark a big My Chem reunion like you might have thought at first; not even a reunion tour to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of MCR’s third and most popular record. Continue reading “Revisiting MCR’s ‘The Black Parade’”

Here’s to a GC-filled September and new beginnings

Even though this past month was marked by lovely friends, beaches and laughter, I feel like the time has come to get back to writing and start immersing myself in the entertainment bubble again. But before I do, there is one album I haven’t discussed yet and I am dying to write about.

I’m referring to Good Charlotte’s Youth Authority, the band’s first record in almost six years, which was released mid-July. In case you’re wondering if that’s the album the music world desperately needs in 2016, I can assure you it’s not. That doesn’t mean it’s not special, though.

Let me explain; you’ll probably never find Youth Authority topping the charts like Blink 182’s California recently did, and that’s ok. Good Charlotte have been away for a long time and no one ever guaranteed a comeback with a bang. But for a true GC fan, this record will feel like home. Continue reading “Here’s to a GC-filled September and new beginnings”

Is it ok I’m still hoping for an MCR reunion?

Yesterday marked three years since My Chemical Romance’s break-up and I keep thinking how much I miss this band. MCR inspired and challenged themselves and their fans with every record they made, even though they were never supposed to continue as a band after The Black Parade.

My Chemical Romance was first thought of as a concept by frontman Gerard Way following the 9/11 attacks. Way was then working for Cartoon Network in New York City, when he thought, “Fuck art. I’ve gotta get out of the basement. I’ve gotta see the world. I’ve gotta make a difference,” as he later told Spin magazine.

And so he did. Abandoning his art for My Chem was probably the wisest thing he ever did, although he still continues writing short stories and creating comic book series, like The Umbrella Academy. In any case, people loved My Chemical Romance for the dramatic music, the amazing concepts behind each album and Way’s gifted personality. Continue reading “Is it ok I’m still hoping for an MCR reunion?”

The Good Charlotte charm lives on and it makes total sense (GC live at the O2 Arena, 11-02-16)

These past few days have been very busy, but particularly exciting. One of my highlights was definitely Good Charlotte’s gig at the O2 Arena last Thursday. It’s been more than five years since the band’s last album was released, and now that this long hiatus has come to an end, I couldn’t think of a better way for them (and us!) to celebrate, than a spectacular live show.

Good Charlotte have joined All Time Low during their UK tour and even though I also enjoy the latter’s music, nothing could really beat my love for GC. And this concert proved exactly that. Last time I saw them live, I was standing inside London’s KOKO in 2010, between some overly excited fans who were jumping up and down while drinking beer and throwing most of it on my clothes! But I didn’t mind; I was simply hoping that the night would never end.

Five years later and I could not contain myself as I entered the O2 on Thursday night. I felt slightly bummed that Good Charlotte were not the main act, but this was certainly better than all the years of absence! So standing right there with my sister, we were waiting impatiently for the show to start. Continue reading “The Good Charlotte charm lives on and it makes total sense (GC live at the O2 Arena, 11-02-16)”

Muse fly their drones and make destruction sound amazing (Review)

I’d heard so much about Muse’s new album, Drones, and certainly read a lot more, until I finally got the chance to listen to the record myself and form my humble opinion. Yet nothing really prepared me for such an experience.

To be honest, for the past few records, I’ve been quite tired listening to the band rambling on and on about conspiracy theories, black holes, atheists, mind control by the ‘highest powers’ and the need to stand our ground against any possible entity in this universe; be it human or alien. For how much longer could someone relate to every single weird idea passing through Bellamy’s head?

So as Drones started to unfold single by single, I figured this would be one of the same; that that time had come again and I would have to get around his head one more time, desperately trying to convince myself that his divine voice would be enough to counterbalance crazy themes and electronic experiments. – Luckily, we knew right from the start that Muse had finally gotten rid of the latter, as they had promised when introducing this album.

All that was now left to explore was whether the record would justify its title to such an extent that it would become predictable and boring, or whether Muse would finally create something unique that could somehow take us back to the band’s former days of glory. And while Drones is no Origin of Symmetry or Showbiz or Absolution, it’s still special in its own right. Continue reading “Muse fly their drones and make destruction sound amazing (Review)”

‘Once’ the Musical – Review

When I heard that Ronan Keating was starring in the successful Broadway musical Once at London’s Phoenix Theatre, I found the idea strange but also intriguing. Could an ex-Boyzone member be any good at acting?

The part involves a lot of singing, and as I discovered on Friday night, Keating’s voice is breathtaking. I hadn’t watched Once the film, so I had nothing to compare the musical to. And maybe that’s why I loved it even more; I was so unexpectedly surprised by the actors’ performances that I can safely include Once in one of the best musicals I’ve ever seen. (And I’ve seen my fair share…) Continue reading “‘Once’ the Musical – Review”