Is Spotify more legal than free downloading?

I’ve never been an online-music-streaming kind of person. I am one of those geeks who would prefer to spend most of their money on an album rather than clothes, just because I sincerely believe that an artist’s work should somehow get recognised. Free downloading is obviously illegal and though some might find it conveniently useful to just obtain music without paying for it, actual people with actual jobs and actual tremendous effort put on every piece of music, are undervalued with just a click of a button. But what happens when downloading is not free?

Spotify is one of the biggest online music streaming services, which allows people to have access to a wide range of albums with the maximum subscription of ten pounds. In return, it promises to compensate artists for using their rights of intellectual property. However, as it turns out, a great number of artists is dissatisfied with the (under)payment and with the way this system works. One of them is Radiohead and Atoms for Peace front man Thom Yorke.

The singer has attacked Spotify several times in the past through his twitter account or in interviews and lately decided to remove all of his music from the service. This time he got really angry and stated that artists don’t need Spotify to get their work promoted, since they can do everything by themselves. In an interview with Mexican website Sopitas he stated: “I feel like as musicians we need to fight the Spotify thing.” And then, he addressed Spotify saying “We don’t need you to do it. No artist needs you to do it. We can build the shit ourselves, so fuck off”.

I couldn’t agree more. Sure, albums can be expensive, but music is not only art. It is also a job, just like many others and these artists are professionals who need to get paid in order to continue entertaining their audience. Besides that, what happened to being excited with a new release? What happened to communicating with the artist not only in concerts but through the cover of their album?

Music diffusion has changed in so many ways since Internet appeared in our lives. But to me, some things can and should stay traditional. No one has the right to undermine a person’s work by selling it for the lowest price possible; especially if they have no intention of paying the artist. If Spotify does not pay for copyright, then in what way does it differ from illegal free downloading? I know. In the way that Spotify somehow manages to make money out of it! Get some perspective, people. If you’re planning to be illegal, do it the old fashioned way, don’t pay these guys! Just saying…

When Justin Timberlake met Jimmy Fallon

Late Night With Jimmy Fallon - Season 4

J.T. and Fallon’s friendship dates back to 2002, when the comedian and T.V. host met the singer during the MTV VMAs. Just a year later, the duo started a very exciting professional collaboration. During Saturday Night Live, then hosted by Jimmy Fallon, they presented their first sketch, which was called The Barry Gibb Talk Show.

But the fun didn’t stop there. In 2009, Timberlake appeared in the premiere of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and keeps coming back ever since for all kinds of stand-up comedy stunts, a lot of singing tributes, as well as sarcastic sketches with lots of social media references. The History of Rap, The Ragtime Gals and the most recent Evolution of End Zone Dancing are some of my favourites.

Fallon’s comedian and vocal skills combined with Timberlake’s endless talent in any task that he decides to carry out, turn this pairing into an ingenious partnership!

Who’s up for some J.T. – Fallon moments?

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Throwback Thursday!

It’s still this day of the week when we are technically allowed to use our time machines!

Do you remember this one? Madonna performing live one of my favourite songs, for the MTV Europe Music Awards in 1998. So ’90s!!

Hanson’s Mmmhops beer sounds kind of ridiculous


Gone are the days when pop was all over the radio and cheesy love songs found their way into teenagers’ hearts. Now Hanson has probably been replaced by Justin Bieber and the Backstreet Boys by One Direction.

But the brothers from Oklahoma have actually very much evolved their music since that very first MMMBop single. Their songs have become more meaningful and mature, in spite of the fact that they’re not that popular any more.

I’ve always admired Hanson for their low-key lifestyles – they’ve started their own families very young – and the fact that showbiz never “corrupted” them, even though they were only kids when they became famous.

However, I have to admit. Producing their own beer? And naming it Mmmhops? Ok, first things first. It’s already strange when celebrities produce food and it’s not like they are Brad and Angelina (whose wine idea I also found weird, by the way). But, on top of it, Mmmhops? It’s kind of funny really, but it definitely sits on the fence between funny-catchy and funny-ridiculous.

Maybe we should taste it in order to have a more established opinion, though. What do you think?

Para-we want-more! – Live at Wembley Arena (27 September 2013)

Paramore-Wembley Arena

I have the tendency of loving a band only if I literally worship the singer’s voice. And while the only exception to this might be Good Charlotte (since I totally love their songs, without actually finding Joel Madden’s voice mesmerizing), the “rule” applies to all my favourite artists or groups. Paramore is definitely one of them.

Seeing a band you love performing on stage is hands down the most rewarding experience. So, when I found out months ago that Paramore was performing at Wembley Arena, my excitement levels skyrocketed. I immediately booked the tickets and months later, there I was, standing in the crowd, waiting and anticipating.

Late as I usually am (and I blame the tube for that), I didn’t get the chance to see Eliza and the Bear, which was the first support band, but arrived just in time for Charli XCX’s performance. The British singer seems to have her audience here in London, while also being able to reach to people who didn’t know her before. Electro-pop tunes combined with a vibrant stage persona, successfully entertained us, as we waited for the big moment.

After a while, there it was. Hayley Williams took the stage along with Jeremy Davis and Taylor York, and so the fun began! The “re-incarnation” of the band was obvious. Hayley wanted everyone to know that Paramore can and has in fact moved on, in spite of the brothers Farro leaving the group, almost three years ago. I think this is what the new album is about after all.

The energy of the lyrics, multiplied by Hayley’s incredible, out of this world voice, is what kept the crowd screaming for more. Old tunes of course reminded us of how much we adore this band, while newer ones proved that Paramore is stronger than ever and is here to stay at any cost.

To me, whatever the internal disagreements between the members of a group, music is always music and talent should never go to waste. I believe that’s what everyone thought about on Friday, when Hayley gave a very sincere speech about “having to let go sometimes”, before going on to sing “In The Mourning”. – ok, that, and maybe some really bad post break up experiences!

“God knows the world doesn’t need another band, but what a waste it would have been.”