Muse release surprise song to address current political turmoil

So what if Muse are still promoting their Drones album? That doesn’t mean that the band could possibly stay quiet at a time like this.

Muse are kicking off a new tour with 30 Seconds to Mars tomorrow, but they still found the time to record a new song and film an inspiring video for it, to respond to the political, economic and social chaos that’s been taking over the world.

Dig Down is the band’s reaction to it all, and this time, it’s not as pessimistic as their previous work. Sure, it may seem as if the world is crashing down right now, but Muse urge us to stand our ground and fight, in order to make a change. Continue reading “Muse release surprise song to address current political turmoil”

All Time Low unveil heartfelt video for ‘Nice2KnoU’

We’re only a few days away from the release of All Time Low’s new album, Last Young Renegade, and the band keeps on dropping new singles, unfolding its story one song at a time.

Nice2KnoU is the latest one to be released, its pop-punk vibe and catchy lyrics echoing All Time Low’s early days. The band is clearly going back to its roots for that one, with the boys literally revisiting their past, dropping by music venues where they’ve performed over the years.

The nostalgic clip serves as a ‘thank you’ to all of those who helped ATL get where they are now. As they mention on their Facebook page, “This song’s a dedication to the people and places that made us who we are today; The ones we owe these stories to. Nice to know you!!”

* All Time Low’s Last Young Renegade is due for release on June 2nd.

Hanson perform new single in view of 25th anniversary

Twenty-five years have passed since Hanson began making music but the brothers are still going strong today! To celebrate their 25th anniversary as a band, the trio from Oklahoma sat down for an interview with ABC News’ Nightline and performed their brand new single, I Was Born.

You would expect a band that’s been around for so long to be losing its touch, but not Hanson. Even though they haven’t really been in the spotlight over the last decade the way they had been during their golden ‘90s and early ‘00s era, the brothers have been far from silent.

In fact, they’ve been releasing one album after the other under their own record label, growing their fan base with every single. With lots of records, their own beer brand and infinite devoted fans, if you haven’t heard a thing about Hanson’s success, it’s only because they are keeping it ‘in the family’, the way their music deserves to be celebrated. Continue reading “Hanson perform new single in view of 25th anniversary”

Throwback Thursday!

Whatever happened to Amy Macdonald? This Is the Life is the only song of hers I can remember now, but even so, it’s worth a Throwback Thursday!

The track was included in the singer’s 2007 album of the same name. Its folky vibe, combined with Macdonald’s unique vocals is probably what made it an instant hit.

“And you’re singing the songs thinking this is the life
And you wake up in the morning and your head feels twice the size”

Ellen DeGeneres and Nicole Kidman – try to – help with cooking

It’s not very often that we see Ellen DeGeneres cook on her show and this was not one of those times, either! However, chef Giada De Laurentiis did try to teach her and Nicole Kidman how to prepare a couple of seemingly easy Italian dishes.

While Kidman was slightly more into this than Ellen, both ladies were finding it hard to keep up with De Laurentiis’ rhythm; let alone roll some proper risotto balls! To be honest, the whole thing was supposed to be quick, and producer Andy’s “moving along” gestures did not help!

Kidman’s insane efforts to actually “move this along” were pretty funny as was this entire cooking process. And even though that focaccia in the end was apparently “a little tough”, it had been sitting there for five hours so it makes total sense… Simply hilarious.

Ed Sheeran has a night out in Ireland for ‘Galway Girl’ video

As the Ed Sheeran craze continues, the musician has released one more song off his very successful ÷(Divide) album. Galway Girl comes with a super-exciting clip, too!

Shot in Galway, Ireland, the music video follows Sheeran and Irish actress Saoirse Ronan as they wander around the city, getting tattoos and dancing in pubs. Apart from the amazing scenery, what makes this more fun is the fact that the clip is shot from Sheeran’s perspective; so we get to see everything literally through his eyes.

To be honest, this could easily serve as a promo video for tourists, with that last mesmerising scene clearly urging us to visit Galway asap! The uplifting track no doubt matches the clip, with a dose of nostalgia (just like most Sheeran songs have been lately) and a subtle ‘Irish touch’, which works perfectly here.

Paramore unveil second single (and clip) from upcoming album

Paramore’s new album, After Laughter, will be out in a few days and the band has already introduced us to not one, but two of its tracks over just the last couple of weeks.

Following the – somewhat ironically – upbeat Hard Times, Told You So reveals a similar music pattern, with Paramore once again steering clear of their characteristic pop-punk style. The track gives off this sort of breezy, summery vibe (even though its lyrics have nothing to do with that), almost inviting us to take a long ride to the beach.

That’s probably why it then seems natural seeing the band riding happily in a car. Drummer Zac Farro, who also directed the clip, had something else in mind, though, when coming up with the idea. In collaboration with Aaron Joseph, he based the concept on the band’s car rides after past recording sessions in L.A.

“Zac noticed that my anxiety and overall state was just a lot more peaceful on those drives and mentioned to me that it made him happy to see me rest for a moment,” frontwoman Hayley Williams told The FADER. “It means a lot that they conceptualized a video around a passing moment we had as friends.”

And it’s true; there’s just something relaxing about watching them ride that car, all dressed up in red! Plus, this album is getting more and more interesting…

* After Laughter is due for release on May 12.