Harry Styles proves he’s still got it in latest Carpool Karaoke

The last time Harry Styles was found singing in James Corden’s car was about a year and a half ago, when he was still one fourth of One Direction. Now, Styles has returned as a solo artist and, somehow, this feels right!

I can’t say this is the most entertaining Carpool Karaoke episode ever – after all, Corden has offered us some amazing ones ever since the segment started – but I can definitely say it’s one of the most interesting ones music-wise.

Styles recently released his debut solo album and this fun car ride is also an excellent way for him to promote his new songs; and he does so successfully. But if you thought he’d be one more Zayn-like r’n’b/ electro artist wanting to blend in, then guess again!

Styles is actually going for soulful – hell, I might even dare to say indie! – with his music. And it seems to be suiting him very well. Who knew he’d be the one from the 1D gang to show his emotional side?

So even though this Carpool Karaoke wasn’t as funny as some of the previous ones, it introduced us to Styles’ bold solo venture, and for that, it was more than worth it. Plus, it’s safe to say he can pull off any outfit!


Madonna does Carpool Karaoke and she’s weirdly amusing

When I saw the trailer of The Late Late Show with Madonna as Carpool Karaoke’s latest guest, it didn’t seem that appealing… I mean, sure, she did twerk from inside the car, but, still, it didn’t look very interesting.

Then, of course, I was totally wrong! It turns out Madonna was absolutely hilarious in the segment and it was nice seeing her revisit some of her oldest hits, like Vogue, Papa Don’t Preach and Express Yourself. It’s impressive how these songs still hold up today.

What really took me by surprise, though, is how funny Madonna is and, apparently, that’s what she’s also looking for in a man.

“You have to have a sense of humour and understand my sense of humour, otherwise we are dead in the water,” she told James Corden, before going on to praise him for being funny, but also criticise his fashion sense! You can’t have everything, I guess…

Lady Gaga is the queen of Carpool Karaoke

Just when you think you’ve experienced all that Carpool Karaoke has to offer, there comes Lady Gaga. Obviously, every guest that gets inside James Corden’s car is unique, and there’s always something fun to talk and sing about. This time, though, the bar was set even higher.

Lady Gaga not only brought her amazing outfit and chill personality to The Late Late Show’s super-popular segment, but also proved what an amazing singer and songwriter she is. There probably isn’t a more fun way to ‘get to work’ than in the company of Gaga singing along to her uplifting tracks.

Plus, we got to witness some of her most iconic outfits again, this time looking somewhat funnier on Corden’s body! The host was also lucky enough to have the singer take the wheel for a while – although that did not turn out exactly the way he’d hoped…

In any case, this has to be the best Carpool Karaoke ever; otherwise, we’ll just have to accept that the show keeps getting better and better.

Why I’m finding it hard to root for Britney

Who would’ve thought that this day would come? The day when Britney Spears would be our pop princess again, the one we once left behind to fade away along with our childhood dreams? 2007 was not a good year for Brit and the years that followed were not that great, either.

But hey, after countless bad decisions, a court-approved conservatorship and some very cheap-looking wigs, Britney has started to look like herself again. Over this past year, we’ve seen her grow again into the pop star she used to be – decent dance moves, amazing body and all.

There’s no doubt that this Britney has nothing to do with the lost woman that one Chris Crocker urged us all to leave alone in his slightly creepy and overwhelming YouTube video a few years back… If one can emerge stronger from such a low point, that’s definitely Brit. Still, why am I finding it hard to be truly excited for her otherwise admirable comeback? Continue reading “Why I’m finding it hard to root for Britney”

Michelle Obama slays the Carpool Karaoke

It’s nice when we watch our favourite musicians sing along to their hits, but it’s even cooler when a non-musician gives it a go. And if that person happens to be a First Lady, even better! James Corden was definitely in for a wild ride when Michelle Obama entered his car.

The First Lady accompanied The Late Late Show host to a tour around the White House, while showing off her karaoke skills, through a playlist that spanned from Stevie Wonder to Beyoncé! As if this wasn’t enough, Missy Elliott had to join them and shake things up.

And even though singing along to Single Ladies and Missy’s Get Ur Freak On were probably her finest Carpool Karaoke moments, Obama also took the time to talk about the importance of education, especially for girls – which is what her initiative Let Girls Learn fights for.

The ‘karaoke bar’ is now set high, but that’s what a First Lady is meant to do anyway.

Red Hot Chili Peppers sing and wrestle for new Carpool Karaoke

Oh man, Carpool Karaoke keeps getting crazier by the episode! Host James Corden has this amazing power of bringing out the best in his guests/carpool buddies, but when the Red Hot Chili Peppers came in, the situation got a little out of hand!

Apart from the fact that the band’s songs are ideal for some serious karaoke, Corden suggested at some point that he’s the best at wrestling; obviously, it all went downhill from there! After pulling over, he started fighting frontman Anthony Kiedis, always unsure of “whose house this [was]”!

Then, as if wrestling wasn’t enough, Corden, Kiedis and – the ever wild – bassist Flea, ended up with their tops off somewhere along the ride. If this is not the weirdest, most rock and roll Carpool Karaoke to date, I don’t know what is. And, normally, I don’t even like the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke turns into a Broadway musical

James Corden and his Carpool Karaoke never fail to impress. The Late Late Show host usually invites celebs to sing along to their hits as he’s driving to work. This time, his guests joined him for a ride to the Beacon Theatre, where he will be presenting the Tony Awards on Sunday.

But that was no ordinary ride; it was rather the most ‘musical’ the segment has seen to date! Corden invited Hamilton star Lin-Manuel Miranda to sit in the passenger seat and help him perform an impressive duet of the musical’s Guns and Ships. But there was much more to come.

On the road, the two of them spotted three more Broadway actors, Audra McDonald, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Jane Krakowski, who were quick enough to join in on the fun! Pretty soon, the carpool was turned into a Broadway stage, and insanely beautiful voices filled the air.

As for Corden, he wasn’t so bad himself! Maybe Broadway is on the cards?