Lana Del Rey unveils ethereal clip for ‘Lust For Life’

Lana Del Rey has promised to spread positivity and hope through her new album, and that’s exactly what we’re getting. Following the release of the record’s debut single, Love, Del Rey released Lust For Life about a month ago; now, the song has a brand new clip!

I love how happy and optimistic about life in general this track makes me feel, even though Lana’s characteristic melancholy is still present in the music and the lyrics… Of course, The Weeknd’s amazing vocals next to Lana’s mesmerising voice make Lust For Life even more appealing.

Set on top of the Hollywood sign again, the clip feels oddly real, yet dreamy and ethereal, just like Lana herself. Overall, I think we’ve all missed this happier version of her, the one that was nowhere to be found in her Ultraviolence and Honeymoon records. Besides, this sweet glimmer of hope is all we need in chaotic times like these.


Lana Del Rey reveals new single off forthcoming record

Lana Del Rey recently teased her upcoming album, Lust For Life, through a ‘witchy’ trailer. Standing inside the ‘H’ of the Hollywood sign, the singer announced the record in the strangest way possible.

Now, Del Rey is sitting on top of that H letter in the visual for her new single. The title track from Lust For Life features The Weeknd and it’s no surprise that both musicians’ vocals blend perfectly together.

Soothing, nostalgic and melancholic just like all Del Rey tracks, Lust For Life has a much less pessimistic vibe than her previous hits, revealing the singer’s deeper appreciation for life. I mean, apart from the ‘only the good die young’ part…

Lana Del Rey unveils strange trailer for upcoming album

Lana Del Rey sure knows how to announce a comeback. The singer will be releasing her new record, Lust For Life, soon, so she decided to introduce it in a rather peculiar way.

In a two-minute trailer she created for the album, we see her as an ethereal presence standing in a room that’s situated right inside the ‘H’ of the Hollywood – or is it ‘Hollyweird’? – sign. And the weirdness is just getting started.

Later on, Lana contemplates the “tumultuous” times we live in, saying, “Even though these times can feel a little crazy, they’re not so very different from what other generations have experienced at one time or another before.” (True, but still kind of weird.)

And with that, she reassures us there’s no other place she’d rather be, since music and this world are her “lust for life”. Well… okay then. Let’s see what she’ll “cook up for the kids”.