Demi Moore talks missing two front teeth and then inhales some helium!

It’s been awhile since I last saw Demi Moore giving an interview and it seems the actress looks more stunning now than ever. She even managed to look gorgeous without her one front tooth!

Moore revealed she recently lost her two front teeth but fixed them right before appearing on The Tonight Show. As she told Jimmy Fallon, it’s all down to stress. “I sheared off my front teeth,” she said, before showing a photograph of herself missing one of them.

“I’d love to say it was skateboarding or something really kind of like cool,” she explained, “but I think it’s really something that’s important to share, because I think it’s literally, probably after heart disease, one of the biggest killers in America, which is stress. Stress sheared off my front tooth. But, in an effort to get ready for you, I wanted to make sure my teeth were in.”

Moore went on to inhale helium with Fallon and present her new film, Rough Night, in the funniest voice ever.

Who knew stress could actually do that to your teeth? I say let’s all inhale some helium and laugh our troubles away.


Sienna Miller plays disgusting ‘Secret Ingredient’ game on The Tonight Show

Jimmy Fallon loves putting his guests through the most challenging tasks on The Tonight Show and Sienna Miller just got a little taste of his crazy games… And what a taste was that!

The actress sat at a table next to Fallon and Chef Anthony Bourdain, where they were each presented with seemingly gourmet dishes, which included a secret ingredient that actually made them pretty appalling. How about a juicy fruit gum in your mozzarella sticks? Ain’t that chewy!

Bourdain, who graciously embraced every weird dish like the pro that he is, was clearly the winner of the game; but as Chandler Bing said while playing Bamboozled, “I think [they]’re all losers here!” I bet Miller is still trying to shake off that ‘parfait Sriracha’ aftertaste… Continue reading “Sienna Miller plays disgusting ‘Secret Ingredient’ game on The Tonight Show”

Blake Shelton takes the ‘Race Through New York’ tour with Jimmy Fallon

It’s always fun watching Blake Shelton and Jimmy Fallon’s adventures on The Tonight Show – remember when Shelton was forced to eat sushi, or that time Fallon tried to milk a cow? Well, the two of them have done it again. Only this time, Shelton was in for a wild ride.

The country singer joined the host on his new tour, Race Through New York. It’s basically a tour at the Universal Studios and The Tonight Show’s set on NBC, which ends with a virtual ride around New York. And it would all have been totally fun, were it not for that exact ride!

After being completely dissatisfied with the entire tour experience and criticising Fallon’s every move – to be fair, If I’m Honest did not sound like an actual song – Shelton put on his 3D glasses and ‘raced’ through the city and all the way back to the studios on a virtual roller coaster. Continue reading “Blake Shelton takes the ‘Race Through New York’ tour with Jimmy Fallon”

Jason Segel chooses ‘walking videos’ over selfies every time!

These days, it’s not only about randomly meeting celebs and feeling excited about it. It’s not about getting them to sign on a piece of paper (or clothing), either. Instead, it’s all about the selfie.

But, as Jason Segel pointed out, the urge to take a selfie probably comes from our need to prove to friends that we actually met that person, rather than wanting to immortalise that specific moment with them. And so, the actor revealed to Jimmy Fallon that he recently invented a different kind of ‘proof’ medium for his fans.

Instead of taking a selfie, he simply asks them to walk with him while he’s filming the whole thing. The ‘walking video’, as he calls it, serves as undeniable evidence that the fan met the celebrity and it’s way more interactive. In most cases, though, Segel chooses to stay silent along the walk, which might creep some people out! Still, pretty hilarious.

Charlie Day and Kendall Jenner play charades on The Tonight Show

It’s always fun playing charades, especially when you’re on Jimmy Fallon’s team. The Tonight Show host regularly invites guests to play the game and, thanks to that, we’ve seen some very good and some very bad reenactments of movies and songs!

This time, Fallon invited Charlie Day and Kendall Jenner to join him and the show’s announcer Steve Higgins to a super-fun round. The host teamed up with Jenner and they apparently made for an unbeatable duo against Day and Higgins’ slightly less competent team.

To be fair, Fallon did seem to pick the ‘easy’ cards, The Matrix being the most obvious one; that iconic Neo move is usually the first thing that comes to mind when someone’s asked to describe the film. Whereas Bambi is clearly not the most convenient film to act out! Continue reading “Charlie Day and Kendall Jenner play charades on The Tonight Show”

Emma Stone plays ‘Singing Whisper Challenge’ with Jimmy Fallon

Out of all the funny games on The Tonight Show, ‘Whisper Challenge’ has to be the most fun! Plus, its singing version is even greater, especially when Emma Stone is playing!

The actress could not understand a word coming out of Jimmy Fallon’s mouth, at one point even saying that what he was singing “looked inappropriate”; and that was Born in the U.S.A., by the way! To be honest, “Pork in the Desert” somehow seems like a valid answer…

Fallon was clearly better at this, although it did take him some time to figure out Sir Mix a Lot’s Baby Got Back, despite Stone’s sassy dance moves! In any case, this was all hilarious.

Jimmy Fallon really loves the Gilmore Girls!

And just as you probably thought you were Gilmore Girls’ most loyal fan, there comes Jimmy Fallon professing his love for the show.

In fact, The Tonight Show host is so excited about the upcoming Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, that he’s currently binge-watching all seven seasons until the ‘reboot’ of the series this month.

To express his pure love for the show, Fallon even made a list of his top five (or is it top four?) favourite Gilmore Girls characters; besides Lorelai and Rory, of course, otherwise that would be pointless! – Was Kirk on your list as well? He’s definitely on mine!

Well, Fallon has three more seasons to watch (in only nine days!) along with the four new episodes, so his ‘top four’ could slightly change by the end. The good news is that this upcoming revival does not necessarily mark the end of this beloved show. Continue reading “Jimmy Fallon really loves the Gilmore Girls!”